HarbourCats Ink Four More for 2019, Three from U of Hawaii

The University of Hawaii’s Dustin Demeter, who played for the HarbourCats in 2018, will return in 2019 along with two other Rainbow Warriors (Photo: Christian J. Stewart) Victoria home to UH players for seventh consecutive season, four more players in total signed For Immediate Release Sept. 19, 2018 VICTORIA, B.C. — From one of the […]

Four Players Returning to Best Summer Ball City on Earth

Noah Prewett, Nate Walker, AJ Lewis and last year’s Player of the Year Nick Plaia (pictured above) headed back to Victoria For Immediate Release September 6, 2018 VICTORIA, B.C. — Every August, it’s the same conversation at Wilson’s Group Stadium at RAP — players asking the HarbourCats if they can be invited back for another […]

HarbourCats Announce First Player Signing for 2019 Season

Trevin Esquerra, a switch-hitter AND switch-thrower from Loyola Marymount, heading to Victoria September 4, 2018 VICTORIA, B.C. — It’s rare to be a switch-hitter in baseball — rarer still to be able to play both right- and left-handed on the defensive side of the ball. The first player signed and announced for the 2019 season […]