2021 SCHEDULE and TICKET EXCHANGE UPDATE – November 19, 2020

We are excited to announce that we have a schedule for the 2021 season!  This was released by the West Coast League on November 19, 2020. While we are optimistic about playing baseball in 2021 and are proceeding full speed ahead in that regard, we of course recognize that the ability to play a 2021 season, given the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, will be subject to provincial and local health authorities and directives that emerge in the new year and will adapt as needed to modify the schedule, or put necessary protocols and procedures in place to ensure  that all fans attending games can do so safely.

There are so many things that could change between now and then, as we’ve all learned the last nine months, but rest assured, we will do whatever is needed to comply and make sure our fans can attend games safely. We will be working on many of these over the next few months.

In light of these uncertainties, unlike past years, we will not yet be putting 2021 individual game tickets on sale.  Plus we are asking all 2020 individual game ticket holders, as well as all 2020 and 2021 ticket voucher holders,  to hold off on selecting their 2021 games at this time.  

If we have to implement any seating restrictions, season ticket holder priorities, or other social distancing measures, we want to make sure we know what the remaining seating inventory is before opening things up to the public.  Once, we know that, and individual games are available for sale, fans will be able to contact us to do individual rain check and voucher exchanges. That likely will not be until the new year.

In the meantime, fans can still purchase season tickets for the 2021 season, including a voucher equivalent season ticket (35 flexible, any-time ticket vouchers instead of 33 specific game tickets), or 10-game flex packs. Any season ticket or season ticket voucher equivalent purchase will give the ticket holder priority in the event of seating restrictions, plus the added benefit of a number of perks, including  free whale watching pass from Prince of Whales, a $50.00 merchandise credit and entry into a draw for a vintage, game-worn Victoria Seals jersey.

For details, call the office at 778-265-0327 or e-mail Christian Stewart at



The 2020 Season has been cancelled.

The health and safety of our fans, our staff, our coaches and players are of utmost priority to us at this time and in that regard, and with the recent May 6th announcements from the BC Government that restrict any gatherings of more than 50 people until Phase 4 of the re-opening plan (likely not happening until September of 2020 or later), we have no choice but to announce the cancellation of our 2020 season, what would have been the eighth season of HarbourCats baseball.

As such, many of you who have bought tickets or booked group events may be wondering about what to do next.  Here are a few questions and answers for now that we hope will help.  We will add to this and adjust as necessary.  Please do not hesitate to forward any additional questions you may have at this time to either Jim Swanson (GM) or Christian Stewart (AGM) at or

With the cancellation of our 2020 West Coast League and Victoria HarbourCats season, all tickets, subject to the details below, will be eligible as credit or exchange for the 2021 season:

FULL SEASON TICKET HOLDERS:  Any season ticket holder who has paid in full for 2020 will have that payment credited to their 2021 season tickets and your seats will be guaranteed.  Season ticket prices will be the same as what you paid in 2020 and no additional payment will be required.

NOTE: 2019 season ticket holders who have not yet paid their 2020 balance in full, will have until June 30, 2020 to pay in full to guarantee their same seats for the 2021 season.  If payment is not received by then, the seats will be released.

10-GAME FLEX PASS HOLDERSAll 2020 10-Game Flex Pack vouchers will be honoured for the 2021 season.  Any person who has purchased 10-game flex pack vouchers and has NOT yet redeemed those vouchers for 2020 games can do one of the following:

  1. Once the 2021 schedule is released, present the 2020 vouchers in exchange for 2021 game tickets;
  2. OR if preferred, exchange them for 2021 flex pack vouchers in the same price category.

NOTE: This exchange must be done at the HarbourCats offices.  If you have already redeemed your vouchers for specific game tickets, please see the Individual Game Tickets note below.

INDIVIDUAL GAME TICKET HOLDERS – Any person who has purchased a 2020 individual game ticket(s), or has already redeemed a 10-pack game voucher for an individual game ticket(s), can exchange that ticket for any regular season game in 2021 in the same price level. Fans are asked to keep your 2020 tickets in a safe place and to do this exchange once the 2021 schedule has come out and once the 2021 ticketing system is set up.

NOTE: Fans who purchased tickets on-line, or via the Select Your Tickets box office, or phone line, will be asked to follow up with Select Your Tickets directly for this exchange;

NOTE: Fans who purchased tickets, or exchanged vouchers at the HarbourCats offices, or by phoning the HarbourCats offices, will be asked to do this exchange at the HarbourCats offices.

UPPER DECK BUS and THIRD BASE PARTY DECK GROUP BOOKINGS:  Any groups or individuals who have reserved space on our group platforms – the Wilson’s Group Upper Deck Experience, or the Strathcona Rooftop Third Base Party Deck – and have paid their $500 deposit, will have that deposit credited to the 2021 season and we will work with you to find a suitable replacement date for your group once the 2021 schedule has been released.

If you have reserved a date, but have not yet paid the $500 deposit, we will be in touch with you to discuss how you wish to proceed.

50-50 GAME TICKET HOLDERS (PAID or DONATED):  Any groups or individuals who have booked a 50-50 date for 2020 and have paid for and received their 2020 game tickets, OR have received donated tickets, must return those tickets to us by mail or in person at the HarbourCats office and we will work with you to find a suitable replacement date once the 2021 schedule is released.

NOTE: In the event your group has already sold individual tickets to friends, family, etc. you do not need to collect those tickets back. Simply advise the purchaser to hold on to it and that they may exchange that ticket for any regular season game in the 2021 season once the schedule has been released.

Any group who has booked a 50-50 date but has not paid for and received game tickets will have their date cancelled and we will be in touch with you to discuss how you wish to proceed for 2021.

KID’S CAMP BOOKINGS – Anyone who has reserved a date in one or more of our 2020 Kid’s Camps can select one of three options:

  1. a) Have your amount credited toward the 2021 season and we will work with you to book your child into one of our 2021 camps once scheduled;
  2. b) Have your amount credited toward any replacement camps we might be able to offer in 2020 pending distancing restrictions and facility availability; OR
  3. c) If neither of the above options works, we are happy to offer a full refund to you.

We will reach out to discuss these options, or feel free to call us at 778-265-0327.

 For more details please see our COVID-19 FAQ HERE.  


NOTE: All 2020 and 2021 Flex-Pack vouchers will be eligible for exchange in the 2021 season but must be redeemed at or prior to the last regular season home game of the year. Redeem your vouchers in person at the office at 1814 Vancouver Street or at the Box Office on game days. 


Gates open ONE HOUR prior to game time, except for Home Opener, and Fireworks Nights when gates will open ONE AND A HALF (1.5) HOURS prior to game time.


Regular weekday and weekend evening games begin at 6:35 pm. Regular Sunday and weekday matinee games begin at 1:00 pm, the lone exception being an 11:00 AM start for a game in June for our annual School Spirit Game.


No outside food and beverage, including alcoholic beverages, may be brought into the park.  Bottled water is not sold in the park. Guests may bring a refillable water bottle into the stadium, but it MUST be empty when entering the stadium. No air horns or laser pointers are permitted. All guests will be subject to search upon entry to ensure compliance.


Alcohol is not permitted in Section 3 of the General Admission seating area in the Soccer Grandstand down the right field line.  Fans who absolutely do not wish to be seated in sections that allow alcohol consumption should purchase General Admission tickets for the game and head to that area.  That being said, issues of over-consumption and one fan, or a group of fans, disturbing another’s enjoyment of the game because of that, have been very rare. Should this happen, we simply ask that you bring the issue to the attention of one of our staff, or security and we will gladly look to re-locate your party, or else deal with the offending individual or group in an appropriate manner.


The Victoria HarbourCats are pleased to be able to provide top-level baseball and family-community entertainment at baseball games and other related events.

1. This is a family event, inappropriate conduct will not be tolerated, and anyone found to be in possession of outside alcohol, drugs or other materials will be removed from the facility. HarbourCats management and City of Victoria staff reserve the right to revoke a ticket at any time, without right of refund or exchange.

2. Wilson’s Group Stadium is a SMOKE FREE, VAPE FREE and CANNABIS FREE facility.  Smoking of any type of tobbacco, marijuana or vaping product is not allowed within the confines of the stadium.  Fans may receive a hand stamp to proceed outside of the stadium to smoke if they desire – within any distance from gate bylaws –  and with the stamp, will be allowed back into the stadium.

3. It is ALWAYS recommended to get your seats early so as not to be disappointed that your favourite seats are not available.

4. All entrants require a ticket to enter the facility for games or related events.

5. All ticket sales are final, no cash refunds. Rain can happen, and we have an exchange policy for unused tickets – both of those are explained below.

6. All tickets come with the following price breakdown – base price, City improvement fee ($0.50/ticket), Ticket Rocket service fees (which vary, depending on purchase being on-line, in-person, or by phone), and GST. Like any business, taxes and service fees are a part of commerce and living in this great country.

7. Season ticket holders receive benefits such as first option of purchasing playoff tickets, the ability to purchase additional tickets, discounts as announced, and other perks.

8. 10-pack purchases grant holder vouchers to use for seats that are AVAILABLE to game of choice, giving flexibility. Note that on expected busier nights, such as opening night, fireworks, Canada Day and other feature games, the HarbourCats may sell out of premium seats. Subject to availability.

9. We are pleased to offer $1 off our regular ticket prices to seniors (60+) and to kids (12 and under) on-line, in the office, at the gate, or in phone orders. Children 2 years of age or younger (i.e. up to the age of 3) do not require a ticketed seat as long as they can sit comfortably in an adult’s lap. Children 3 and over will require a ticketed seat.

10. Ticket holders agree to sit in their designated seats only. General admission ticket holders, please do not take up premium seats, which people have paid a premium price to have for their enjoyment.

Rainout privileges

While we have had only 2 games postponed in 6 years due to rain, it can happen.

In the event a game does not make the rules requirement to be an official completed game (5 innings, or 4 ½ innings if the home team is winning) due to weather issues beyond the club’s control, the ticket bearer may exchange that ticket for a future regular season game of choice. The ticket will be of equal or lesser value and subject to availability. Under no circumstances will a refund be given.

Such exchanges will take place in the case of a rain-out or cancellation due to weather. Rain delays, where the game is eventually completed, do not qualify. Rain delays are not uncommon in baseball, and they can at times be lengthy and be more than one in a game.

In the event a weather occurrence happens late in the season, the HarbourCats will announce a way that tickets can be redeemed – future tickets, merchandise, or other plans, and those announcements will determine the exchange.

All rain check tickets MUST be exchanged for a future game at the HarbourCats offices in advance of that game. Rain check requests made at the BOX Office on game days will not be honoured.   The original ticket stub, or Print Your Own Ticket will be required to process the exchange.  Rain check requests cannot be mailed in or be handled over the phone.

Rain Policy Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I do if it is raining before the game?
A: If it is raining before the start of a game, our Grounds Crew has been hard at work protecting the field against the elements. This being the case, if the rain stops before the scheduled game start time, the game will continue as planned. If the rain continues into the scheduled game time, team management will invoke a rain delay. We will update the front of our website to keep you informed as to the status of that day’s game. Our field is outstanding at fending off concerns about too much moisture.

Q: What do I do if it begins to rain during the game?
A: If it begins to rain during the game, our Grounds Crew will quickly place a large tarp across the infield. At this time, our staff will work with the umpires, along with local weather outlets, to ascertain the immediate weather outlook. If the teams feel that the inclement weather will pass, a rain delay is put into effect. If it is determined that the inclement weather will not pass in a reasonable amount of time, an official rainout is declared. We will update the front of our website to keep you informed as to the status of that day’s game.

If a rainout is declared after four and a half innings of baseball have been played, a game is considered “official.” In this case, there will be no ticket exchanges.

Exchange policy

Under no circumstance will:

**Past season unused tickets be able to be exchanged for a future-season game ticket

**Regular season tickets be allowed to be exchanged for a playoff ticket

**Lower-tier tickets be able to be exchanged, without an upgrade fee, for higher-level seating

Tickets ordered on-line or by phone for the WILL CALL window, which go unclaimed, will not be eligible for future exchange.


Season Ticket Holders (only) may exchange their unused tickets at any time for tickets to another game, as designated below (subject to availability).  This exchange MUST be done by the owner of the season tickets and done in person at the HarbourCats offices so that we can verify that the tickets were not previously used. In 2020, any unused tickets can be exchanged for the following games ONLY (NO EXCEPTIONS):

Tuesday June 9 6:35 pm Port Angeles
Wednesday June 10 6:35 pm Port Angeles
Tuesday June 16 6:35 pm Highline Bears
Wednesday June 17 6:35 pm SIBL All-Stars
Thursday July 2 6:35 pm Yakima Valley
Sunday July 19 1:00 pm Wenatchee
Sunday July 26 1:00 pm Walla Walla
Tuesday July 28 6:35 pm Kelowna
Wednesday July 29 6:35 pm Kelowna
Thursday July 30 6:35 pm Kelowna
Tuesday August 4 6:35 PM Bellingham

Playoff tickets

Initial offering of playoff packages will be made to season ticket holders, and will be in multi-game packs. Season ticket holders will also hold the benefit of purchasing additional seats before they become available to the general public.

Following season ticket holder time-frame on tickets, multi-game packs will be made available to the general public. After that period, single-game seats will then go on sale to the general public

In the case where a purchased playoff game DOES NOT take place (due to series ending early), the following process is in place for redemption on those unused tickets:

1. Credit applied against next-year season ticket, until Sept. 30 of current year

2. Credit applied against next-year 10-pack, until Sept. 30 of current year

3. Applied against merchandise purchase, until Dec. 31 of current year

4. Applied against opening day ticket for following year, until Dec. 31 of current year