If your non-profit group or organization or sports team is looking for fundraising opportunities, the Victoria HarbourCats are pleased to offer 50-50 and game ticket selling opportunities throughout the season.

Groups wishing to sell 50-50 tickets in the park should contact chris@harbourcats.com for a list of available dates and details on the program.

There are two components to our 50-50 fundraising opportunities:

  1. Groups must commit to purchasing and then selling a minimum of 100 Premium Reserved tickets to the specific game that the group is booked in to do 50-50 sales at, OR commit to sell a minimum of 100 Premium Reserve ticket vouchers which can be redeemed for ANY regular season game.  We sell these tickets to you at $10.00 each (a $1,000.00 commitment)(normally a $19.00 or $21.00 ticket) and then we suggest you sell them to your friends and family at $15.00 or $20.00 to make your initial $1,000.00 back and then an extra $500.00 or $1,000.00 for your group.
  2. Groups then also sell 50-50 tickets at the ballpark on their designated game night, keeping half the proceeds of the sales for their organization.

Groups are required to apply for a Class B Gaming Licence which has a registration fee of $25.00.

Note: It is our understanding that a Class B license is required as the potential prize amount is unlimited. Under a Class D license the maximum amount that can be won is limited to $500.00 and quite often at our games, the winner’s share will exceed this. Some sports teams individually may be restricted to a Class D license. In this case, they should check if their overriding association can apply at the Class B level.

The HarbourCats supply 50-50 tickets (we ask for $25 cash from the proceeds toward the cost of this), buckets and aprons, plus a 50-50 table for sales and information display.  Groups provide 10-15 volunteers to come into the park to sell 50-50 tickets and must provide their own cash float for change. Groups may bring their own 50-50 tickets if they wish.

Further details can be found in our 50-50 Guidelines HERE.