HarbourCats 2022 Season Preview: Three Things to Know Before May 31st Opener at Home

The HarbourCats are not just playing again, but fielding a bona fide championship caliber squad built to win


Victoria, BC ~ After reaching the WCL final in two out of three years (2017-2019) the HarbourCats dropped silent with two straight lost seasons due to a world situation that we are all quite aware of. The front office of  the team never went quiet however, working hard everyday behind the scenes knowing that this day would finally return to Victoria when the HarbourCats would call Wilson’s Group Stadium at Royal Athletic Park home once more. With opening day just a hop skip and jump away, things are starting to ramp up and the anticipation from the front office, fans and city could not be higher. With that being said there are three important things to note before the season takes off for a wild 68 games in 75 days (34 at home).

  1. These Guys Can Play…….Something that has to often been forgotten when speaking about he HarbourCats over the past few months, what with the ability to finally have a season again, is the quality of play on the field. It seems like everyday we get wrapped up in the anticipation for the entertainment aspect of HarbourCats baseball but we forget that this is one scary looking ball club that will inevidably be a contender for a WCL crown. This isn’t little league baseball, these are young men that are on the brink of moving from the highest realms of division one baseball, to signing with Major League teams and going to play with their minor league affiliates. When speaking at the season ticket holder’s pick up event this past week, first year GM Curtis Pelletier reiterated that fact, “This is by far the best and most talented team we have put on the field since I have been here.”  That is some pretty high praise from someone that has been with the team for the past five years, with much of that time spent on the field with championship qualifying teams. Yes this is the best entertainment venue in Victoria, but the level of baseball is just as important and will be electrifying to see.

    HarbourCats players come into town with some high expectations this season

  2. THIS IS THE PLACE TO BE! Every sport team aims to be placed in a city such as Victoria and the HarbourCats have not only been blessed with the ability to play here, but to be the premier entertainment and sporting venue in the entire city. Games this year will include a variety of fantastic food options with new and familiar food trucks coming to the park to serve with beverage concessions also being easy to access for people to snag their favorite drink. The third base line party deck and first base line upper deck beer gardens are both still open for booking. These are two unbelievable spots to enjoy a drink and a game as the views are fantastic and put you right on top of the action. To book call: 1-(778)-265-0327 or email

    Royal Athletic Park promises to have some bumping crowds this season

  3. ‘Cats Will Be Drafted. With the new drafting format in the MLB, the draft will be taking place in Mid July meaning that before being drafted, there will be a pelethora of HarbourCats that will be full time playing in Victoria as they get drafted. Not only does this mean that the HarbourCats line up will have players being selected out of it, but it means that all fans will be able to not just watch their favorite players be selected to the Major Leagues, but be able to have witnessed them in action for most of the season. In the past the drfat has taken place on June 1st meaning that players would be drafted and sign with big league ball clubs before even stepping foot in Victoria. With the star studded lineup that has been put together do not be surprised to see a solid number of Victoria players getting the call from higher powers. There is some serious talent coming this summer.

With opening day being just 4 days away, nails are starting to be bitten as players get set to roll into town any day now with high expectations from; fans, coaches and most importantly themselves. It is an exciting time to be a baseball fan in Victoria as there will be a dazzling and rocking crowd filling up Royal Athletic Park come Tuesday evening.


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