If you love volunteering and BASEBALL, then…Join the GREEN TEAM!

We’re looking for volunteers to be part of an exciting new volunteer program with your Victoria HarbourCats, in partnership with our great
sponsor, TD.

As a Green Team member, you’ll have FUN FUN FUN assisting our fans and partners have a great gameday experience at Wilson’s Group Stadium
at Royal Athletic Park.

You’ll get to:

  • Help fans find their proper seats, or washrooms, food stations and other amenities… or field any other questions they may have before
    and during games;
  • Wear a coveted, Green Team member shirt on gamedays so you can be easily spotted;
  • AND, maybe best of all… watch baseball for free and become friends with our great staff, players, coaches and fans!

During the game, sometimes you might need to:

  • Politely remind fans to remain seated and try not to block the views of others during play (hey, it happens).

And, this is important…

  • Green Team members can be helpful eyes and ears to our security team and staff, but we will NOT ask you to engage fans in the rare
    case they are unruly (we have professionals for that!)

Sound like something you’d like to do? We’d love you to join us! Just email us at greenteam@harbourcats.com and review the information
kit program details below!.


Thinking about becoming a Green Team member? That’s GREAT! Here’s some information about being a team member and how it works:

MISSION – To help the HarbourCats, fans and partners have an optimal game day experience at all home games! And to represent our wonderful
Green Team sponsor, TD, in the best way possible at all times.

APPROACH – Have FUN! Help fans and our operations staff, wherever possible… with a smile at all times!

SCHEDULING – There’s no limit to the number of home games that Green Team members can sign up for. See the schedule below.

NUMBERS – Each game requires a minimum of six team members (and a maximum of 13) – spaces fill up fast so don’t delay!

IMPERATIVE – The Green Team is NOT security, but can be eyes and ears for Commissionaires and staff. You are NOT expected, nor
encouraged, to engage fans in the rare case they are unruly, inebriated, etc.

APPAREL – Green Team members wear bright green TD-sponsored shirts.  These are picked up at the WILL CALL booth (near the main entrance) and returned for laundering and prep for the next game. There will be an on-site changing area available for you.

ATTENDANCE – Green Team members should arrive at WILL CALL about 20 minutes before game time. You’re encouraged to stay through to the end of the game, but can leave after the end of the 7th inning if needed.

PARKING / TRANSIT – Remember, parking at the stadium is limited. So, arrive early, or carpool, or take the bus. Plan your transit trip here:

TRAINING – We’ll make sure each Green Team member receives a short tutorial before putting on the coveted green t-shirt for the first time.

ANY QUESTIONS? JUST EMAIL US: greenteam@harbourcats.com