The ‘CatCast: Episode #3 with Harrison Spohn

Harrison Spohn isn’t only a podcast connoisseur, but a master of the rally cap. His multi-layer cap technique worked wonders as the HarbourCats scored two runs in the bottom of the 10th inning to defeat the Bend Elks 5-4 in a game last season. (Photo: Christian J. Stewart)

In the third edition of the ‘CatCast, Mike Edwards and Josh Kozelj keep the trend of interviewing California Baptist University Lancers going by sitting down with 2019 HarbourCat returnee Harrison Spohn. We start the conversation by discussing some of Harrison’s favourite podcasts, what it’s like to play with some of his CBU teammates in Nick Plaia and Matt Amrhien in Victoria, and some of his goals for the summer on the Island and next season back home in California.


The ‘CatCast will be back every week this season featuring in-depth interviews with players and coaches to bring you closer to the 2019 HarbourCats and offer an inside look at what goes on around the team beyond the nine innings.

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