We regret to announce that our 2021 Season has now been cancelled due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The health and safety of our fans, our staff, our coaches and players are of utmost priority to us at this time and in that regard, and with the ongoing state of the pandemic here in British Columbia and Canada, we have made the difficult decision to now cancel the 2021 season.

We appreciate your patience and understanding. Please note it has been extremely difficult for us, and we suspect for you, our fans, to not have baseball now for two summers in a row.  Rest assured we will be back in 2022 and we want you to be right there with us!

In that light, many of you have already exchanged 2020 tickets and ticket vouchers into the 2021 season, or purchased new tickets for the 2021 season, while some of you may still have un-exchanged tickets or vouchers from 2020 and may be wondering what to do next.

Here are a few answers for now that we hope will help.  We will add to this and adjust as necessary.  Please do not hesitate to forward any additional questions you may have at this time to Christian Stewart (AGM) at chris@harbourcats.com or call the office at 778-265-0327.

With the cancellation of our 2020 and 2021 West Coast League and Victoria HarbourCats season, all purchased tickets and vouchers, subject to the details below, will be eligible as credit or exchange only for the 2022 season. There will be no refunds:

FULL SEASON TICKET HOLDERS:  Any season ticket holder who has paid in full for 2020, or new ticket holders who have paid in full for 2021 will have that payment credited to their 2022 season tickets and your seats will be guaranteed.  Season ticket prices will be the same as what you paid in 2020 or 2021 and no additional payment will be required. Season tickets for 2022 will be available for pick-up, likely starting in mid-May of 2022.

Season Tickets for the 2022 season will continue to be on sale for new fans looking to lock their seats in for what will be a celebratory return to baseball in 2022.  Please contact Christian Stewart (AGM) at chris@harbourcats.com or call the office at 778-265-0327 to inquire.

10-GAME FLEX PASS HOLDERS and SEASON TICKET VOUCHER HOLDERS – All 2020 and 2021 10-Game Flex Pack vouchers and season ticket VOUCHERS will be honoured for the 2022 season.

Please keep your vouchers in a safe place and once the 2022 schedule is released, present the 2020 or 2021 vouchers in exchange for 2022 game tickets.

Note: We are hoping that the 2022 West Coast League Schedule is released as soon as possible, rather than in the late-fall as is the norm.  This will allow us more time to transition everyone into 2022 games.

NOTE: When time to do so, voucher exchanges must be done at the HarbourCats office so that we can get your 2020 or 2021 vouchers back from you.

10-Game Flex Packs for the 2022 season will continue to be on sale for fans looking to secure seats for what will be a celebratory return to baseball in 2022.  Please contact Christian Stewart (AGM) at chris@harbourcats.com or call the office at 778-265-0327 to inquire. You can also order 10-packs on-line via the HarbourCats Store at  https://victoria-harbourcats-official.myshopify.com/products/10-game-flex-pack-general-admission

INDIVIDUAL GAME TICKET HOLDERS – Any person who has purchased a 2020 or 2021 individual game ticket(s), or has already redeemed a 10-pack game voucher for an individual 2021 game ticket(s), can exchange that ticket for any regular season game in 2022 in the same price level.

Fans are asked to keep your 2020 and 2021 tickets in a safe place and to do this exchange once the 2022 schedule has come out and once the 2022 ticketing system is set up.

NOTE: Fans who purchased tickets on-line, or via the Select Your Tickets box office, or phone line, will be asked to follow up with Select Your Tickets directly for this exchange;

NOTE: Fans who purchased tickets, or exchanged vouchers at the HarbourCats offices, or by phoning the HarbourCats offices, will be asked to do this exchange at the HarbourCats offices.

UPPER DECK BUS and THIRD BASE PARTY DECK GROUP BOOKINGS:  Any groups or individuals who have reserved space on our group platforms – the Wilson’s Group Upper Deck Experience, or the Strathcona Rooftop Third Base Party Deck – in 2020, and have subsequently been moved into a 2021 date, will once again have that deposit rolled over to the 2022 season and we will work with you to find a suitable replacement date for your group once the 2022 schedule has been released.

If you are a new group that has reserved a date for 2021, but have not yet paid the $500 deposit, we will be in touch with you to discuss how you wish to proceed.

50-50 GAME TICKET HOLDERS (PAID or DONATED):  Any groups or individuals who have booked a 50-50 date for 2020 and have paid for and received replacement vouchers to sell, should note that those vouchers will now be redeemable for any game in 2022.  Once the 2022 schedule is released, we will work with your organization to find a suitable date to come in a sell 50-50 tickets at a game.

If your group had paid for a date, but did not receive vouchers, once the 2022 schedule is released, we will contact you to arrange tickets for a specific game and a date to come in and sell 50-50 tickets at the park.

NOTE: In the event your group has already sold individual tickets to friends, family, etc. you do not need to collect those tickets back. Simply advise the purchaser to hold on to it and that they may exchange that ticket for any regular season game in the 2022 season once the schedule has been released.

What about HarbourCats sponsors?

We will be reaching out to all our sponsors and partners to discuss how best to move foreward.  Ideally all sponsorships will simply be rolled over to 2021, but there may be opportunities to provide value to some partners now, via on-line mechanisms, signage, social media posts, etc.  Any partners with questions should contact their HarbourCats sales rep for details.  We would also love to talk with you about sponsorship for the now upcoming 2021 season! If you and your company would like to be a part of the summer with the HarbourCats please contact John at john@harbourcats.com for more information .

Will the stadium be clean and safe at HarbourCats games?

Yes! the City of Victoria and the HarbourCats strive to keep Wilson’s Group  Stadium at Royal Athletic Park  clean and safe for all our games. We clean the stadium, including all seats and walkways, after each game. Bathrooms are cleaned daily, with small cleanings throughout each game. City concessions and food truck staff are diligent about going beyond Health Code regulations.  Also, we intend to provide additional hand washing or sanitizing stations this season to provide additional opportunities for our fans to stay healthy as well!

Can you still buy season tickets and sponsorships?

Yes!  We are now shifting gears and will shortly be selling season tickets and 10-packs for the 2021 season and individual game tickets when the 2021 schedule is released.  We are also ALWAYS selling gift cards, merchandise – through our on-line shop – and sponsorship opportunities as mentioned above. If you are interested in season tickets please contact Chris at chris@harbourcats.com for more information and to purchase. If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities you can contact John at john@harbourcats.com for more information and to purchase.

Do you still need host families?

Yes!  We always on the lookout for new host families and would love for you to step up and house a player in 2021.  We are so dependent on our wonderful host families and show our appreciation through season tickets and other small thank you gifts. For more information about becoming a host family and to sign up please e-mail hostfamily@harbourcats.com.

What can I do to help the HarbourCats at this time?

Well, first and foremost, please keep you and your family safe and healthy so that when it is time to get back to baseball, we will see you at the park cheering on your HarbourCats!  Second, if you are so inclined and able,  please purchase tickets, or a flex-pack, or maybe buy a gift card that you can redeem later for tickets and merchandise.  And speaking of merchandise, we have many items for sale right now on-line, with free local delivery!  Details on all of these items and where you can find them on-line can be found at: http://harbourcats.com/on-line-options-available-for-tickets-10-packs-gift-cards-and-merchandise/